there already is a way to access the data of the dream records.

simply go to iTunes and choose the devices Apps section. there you will find "File Sharing" underneath the app listings.

what ii do is select all the files in the RealityCheck Documents table and drag them to a backup folder on my desktop.

then ii can completely delete all the image, video and audio data including the database named DreamRecords.sqlite. deleting is done by selecting all files and pressing the delete button on the keyboard.

if You then wanted to see an older backup, You could simply drag the backed up records back into your app. but You would of course backup your existing data before loading an older archive.

You could even take that SQLite database and use it in some other program… :)

the solution for only compacting the collected media of the Dream Recorder is to simply remove only the media files from the device, while leaving the DreamRecords.sqlite database intact, retaining the records. this way the media files can be put back unto the device later and viewed if necessary.