The two step path to lucidity

1. Do Reality Checks

Learning to lucid dream and develop a questioning self-awareness can take a while, but with Lucid Reality Check it can become just a matter of touching Your device to setup 64 Alerts in the future. You should do a reality check after each Alert!

2. Record Your Dreams

Your dream log, dream journal or dream diary, is the key to great dream recall. Writing dreams down on paper can take time, but with Lucid Reality Check You can record Your dreams using Your voice, drawing them or by typing text, taking images and videos. Be able to search and organize Your dreams with tags and stars.

Lucid Dream 1.0.0 and Lucid Reality Check v2.9.6 Features

  • ✔ ♻ Autorepeat Alerts

    With Autorepeat You can schedule 64 alerts in the future. Example: setting the Maximum Interval Between Alerts to 10 hours Lucid Reality Check schedules approximately two alerts per day for a whole month. The Autorepeat setting removes the need to reopen the app on every single alert giving You almost hands-free reality checking.

  • ✔ ☽ Exclude Sleeping Time

    Exclude a part of the day from scheduling. Prevent the app to schedule alerts while You sleep.

  • ✔ ☼ A Lightbulb is available

    Use Lucid Reality Check in the middle of the night as a strong flashlight, when You are writing down Your dreams in Your dream log.

  • ✔ ◉ A Dream Recorder is available

    Use it to quickly record Your dreams or waking life experiences. Draw dreams, write text notes, take photos, shoot videos or create voice recordings with ease, use Tags to organize and Stars to rate, use Search and find Your favorite dream recordings.

  • ✔ A large selection of alert sounds
  • ✔ Random alert sounds
  • ✔ Random intervals between alerts
  • ✔ Can use camera as background
  • ✔ Configurable alert message
  • Available

There is now an ad free version of Lucid Reality Check called simply: Lucid Dream. It will be updated with new and improved features. Lucid Reality Check will remain free, but will hold only the basic features to get You into the lucid zone.

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Miha Plohl
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